Saint Elizabeth Athletic Ministry, SEAM, CYO, SeamCYO, Chester Springs PA




  • What is our philosophy?
    We try to keep practices fun so the kids want to come back each week. There will be lots of cheering, jumping and stunting with opportunities for cheering at games, as well as other performances and competitions. We have a team building approach and plan to show the parish our enthusiasm!
  • Who can participate? 
    Minis are the 3rd and 4th graders.  Varsity includes 5th-8th graders.
  • When do we practice?
    This is a two season sport from September 1st thru March 1st.  In
    September and October, there will be ONE practice per week. From November through January, we will have TWO practices per week (excluding Christmas Break).  In February, there will be ONE practice per week or none.  This might change slightly depending on facility availability and game schedules.  
  • What are the expectations? 
    Attendance at all practices, games and performances is expected.  Typical practices will consist of drills, cheering, dancing, jumping, stunting, choreography, and overall athletic conditioning.  This is a team sport involving formations and stunts which require all members to be present to practice.  If your child is unable to attend, you need to send an email or call the coaches in advance.  Recurring absences may prohibit participation in stunts and competitions.
  • Where do we practice? 
    Practice will be in the St. Elizabeth Gym.  All jumping and stunting will be on mats, no exceptions.
  • What are the clinics?
    There may be other opportunities for day camps, similar to "Stand Up and Cheer Day" at BSHS.  These will give the kids additional training.  We will provide plenty of notice for any special events.
  • Communication? 
    Practice, games and competition information will all be communicated through the SEAM website (mandatory).  
  • End of Year Banquet?
    There will be an end of year celebration at the end of February or beginning of March, recognizing everyone's efforts.  This will be donated by SEAM.
  • How to Register? 
    Please login to register your child. Registration is opened from June 1st - August 31st. Cost will be $150 per person for Varsity or Minis.   

    This will be through the SEAM League Line Up website at -- WWW.SEAMCYO.COM
  • Other Costs? 
    Children will need to purchase "cheer" socks, shoes, leotards and bows from an online store set up with Kelly's Sports.  The store will be opened for a 2 week period of time in late September or early October.  All details about the team store will be provided at the Parent Meeting on September 12, 2018.  Items that they will keep after the season include hair items, socks, shoes, leotards, and a participation gift from SEAM.  Items to return include uniforms and pom-poms.
  • More Info? 
    If anyone needs more specific information they can send an email to
    Christa Jones,   (610-942-4729)